Thursday, February 17, 2011

Maybank WAJIB Pecat Tengku Zafrul...!!!

Since Zafrul is a chicken shit, he pulled in his buddies into Maybank - Azamin Salleh and Badrul Hisham Abu Bakar which are now in Maybank Investment Management Sdn Bhd. The interesting part is those two clowns came for Maybank interview before Zafrul's appointment and were rejected BIG TIME. But now, they are running the fund management outfit of Maybank Group. Obviously, someone is abusing his power, Malaysia style.

The CEO, Azamin, even created a new position in the company - Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) for Badrul. The existing staff are not happy (of course), even few are eager to leave Maybank as this Badrul guy is well-known in the market for being a real JERK. Go ask his ex-colleagues at Bank Islam Fund, Tune Money, Avenue, HLG and Commerce Asset, you will not get any positive feedback from everyone, including the tea lady.
He came late to office everyday, read newspaper all day, prefer long lunch, and play golf or go karaoke with broker during office hour (GRO included!). I'm not gonna write about his favourite past time with Zafrul, i.e weekend rendezvous at Alexis in Jakarta...... a high class brothel house!!!

Is this the kind of CEO that will bring Maybank into a greater height? If Wahid is not careful enough, these jokers will bring him down, for sure!


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