Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bertuah Rakyat Johor Dapat SULTAN Berjiwa Rakyat...!

Jamuan Hari Raya buat rakyat negeri Johor Darul Takzim yang diadakan oleh DYMM Sultan Johor pada Hari Raya ke 2 di Istana Pasir Pelangi Johor Bharu menyaksikan betapa kasihnya Tuanku Sultan terhadap rakyat negeri itu...

Seolah-olah hanya bersantai cukup relax dengan berpakaian biasa, Tuanku Sultan mendekati rakyat jelata. Rakaman foto foto dapat dilihat, rakyat pelbagai kaum dan agama berpeluang untuk beramah mesra bersama Sultan pada hari yang mulia ini.

Bertuah sungguh rakyat negeri JOHOR...!!

Berikut adalah ucapan DYMM Tuanku Sultan Johor sempena menyambut kedatangan syawal.

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By the grace of Allah, my Muslim subjects have successfully completed one of the five pillars of Islam, fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.

It is my fervent hope that we have not only renewed our religious obligation and loyalty to Allah and to Islam but more importantly, we have exhibited tolerance, patience and understanding as well as developing physical and mental discipline.

Through the ibadat of fasting, we have regained the virtues of Ramadan and practiced high moral values and learn to appreciate the difficulties and hardships facing the less fortunate.

The spirit of Ramadan is indirectly being practiced by my non-muslim subjects. This can be seen in the tolerance and respect accorded to their Muslim brothers at their workplace and in abstaining consuming food and drinks in their presence, and joining them in the breaking-of-fast in the evening.

I observe that my non-Muslim subjects are more than happy to purchase Malay savouries and dishes in the various Ramadan bazaars, reflecting oneness in our cultural heritage.

Johor is blessed with a highly educated and knowledgeable population, abundant natural resources, excellent infrastructure and inflow of investment. I believe with the spirit of tolerance, close cooperation and understanding of the various cultures that is the hallmark of Johoreans, from the time of my royal ancestors the Temenggong, we will achieve progress and unity vital for the continuous development of Johor.

This spirit is living proof of my great-great-grandfather Sultan Abu Bakar’s clarion call Muafakat itu barkat (Concord is a blessing).

On this auspicious day, my family and I take this opportunity to wish all my subjects Selamat Hari Raya, with the hope we renew our understanding and cooperation in making Johor a peaceful and prosperous state.

Thank you

Istana Pasir Pelangi
Johor Baru
1 Syawal 1433
19 August 2012


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Kih, kih, kih,.........
Kah, kah, kah,.........

Anonymous said...

betuah bagi di johor tapi anak johor di perantauan tidak di bela oleh menteri kelahiran johor mcmana pula nak minta sultan johor sound menteri johor ni kee daulat tuanku..

Anonymous said...

tang baju melayu seluar hitam mmg tk blh tahan hahahaa cayalah johor!