Monday, November 3, 2014

Angan Angan Seorang Blogger UMNO Selangor Dapat Gaji RM500 Sebulan Nak Beli Kereta Mewah....

Entah macam mana boleh terjumpa sebuah penulisan yang mahu dikongsi....., tak sangka, iya memang tak sangka. Ada juga spesis seperti dalam ini dunia...!
1st Nov 2014;

I have done my job pretty well this afternoon....

Someone alerted me that there was an article condemning one of our state's YB. I was in the event officiated by the President of UMNO, that's our Big Boss....

Subsequently i browsed through via my i-pad and found out that yes there was an article as informed and it was directed to attack one of our state's YB. I felt pity for her and at the same time realized that this is an opportunity for me to get my weekend pocket money... :)

Next, i went to approach her. She was in sorrow after she had read the article written about her. I gave her my commitment to back her up and defend her. Her mood became jovial and gave me cash RM250.

I wrote my point of view in my blog and defended her while using some bombastic words to place bad perception and tainted bad image on the writer of the article...!

I hope my Boss who paid me RM500 every month will be happy to see how i performed :)


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