Thursday, November 6, 2014

Satu Lagi Bukti Didedahkan Kenapa Noh Omar WAJIB Lepaskan Jawatan Pengerusi UMNO Selangor....

Kita pernah dengar ungakapan "berhentilah makan sebelum kenyang....".

Hakikatnya, memang sukar untuk melakukan demikian. Dalam kes Noh Omar yang mengepalai UMNO Selangor ini, dia sudah pun disuruh berhenti secara berkias, tetapi masih tebal kulit mukanya buat selamba...

Baca seterusnya, di SINI


Anonymous said...

Ini jawapan dari YB Noh ;
Kalau Ah Jib Gor tidak mahu berundur , kenapa harus berundur ?
Boss go I go. Boss stay I also stay.
Simple right !!!

Mohd said...

All you Malays, be forewarned that the DAP is in the process of moving Chinese voters in huge numbers from Chinese majority areas like Seputeh to state ADUN areas where Pakatan Rakyat lost by slim margins to BN in PRU13. So in PRU14, Pakatan Rakyat will win more state seats and make it impossible for BN to wrest Selangor from Pakatan. The Chinese voters will all vote for Pakatan. The stupid Malays as usual will be divided into three groups, who will vote for Keadilan, PAS and UMNO which will give advantage to Pakatan to win.
UMNO, by being the ruling party should consider seriously amending the rulings of SPR in not allowing these huge movements of voters from one state seat to another. Think of something to plug this loophole before its too late.
To be fair, a voter should vote where the voter stays. Then only can the voter get to benefit from who was voted in the area.
Just ponder, during the PRU13, Awang Adek of UMNO lost by a few hundred votes for the state seat just because of voters from outside Kelantan who voted for PAS. The local Kelantan people wanted to vote for a UMNO man, so that they can get clean water and better infrastructure in their area. Now those outsiders who enjoy clean water in the places they are now staying are not interested in the sorry plight of their parents in the kampongs back home, so they voted for dirty water!
But then “Melayu mudah lupa……….”